Queen's Quay Terminal

207 Queens Quay West


Where all the magic happens. Located in the exclusive Queen’s Quay Terminal, our office is on the waterfront and features sweeping views of Lake Ontario. Our workspace is contemporary and sleek, with black steel frames, glass offices and white desks. The modern vibe is contrasted with velvet couches, leather armchairs, and an accidental plant collection.

From 10 to 40 Staff

With 4,000 square feet, it would seem to anyone that it is an easy feat to accommodate an extra 30 people. However, of course, it's not. Fortunately, this suite's floor plan was very well thought out in case of the need for expansion. With the help of Cubecom's Space planner, our space went form having 4 offices, to 6 with an additional boardroom.

Our First Office

Two short years ago, just a few blocks down the street was our first office. We've always had an affinity with being close to the water and were very happy with our location. However, when the opportunity arose to take a prime location in the Queens Quay terminal, our dream location - we jumped on it.

Working with Cubecom

A review from the client
Ishani De Zoysa

Cubecom gets the job done quickly. With all the work that comes with running a business, it's important and useful for me to have someone who can take care of streamlining everything else. Finding an office, renovating, and moving in is never an easy feat - but it feels seamless with Cubecom.