Our Clients

Commercial Real Estate Investments & Advisory

Experience end-to-end real estate investment services. With over 20 years of real estate investment experience, we have the knowledge and hands-on practice that you’ll need to start using real estate to grow your wealth. We’ll analyze your current financial situation, and work with you to create a strategy that makes sense for you. With our in-house design and construction team, you will gain exclusive insights on good opportunities to invest in real estate and which markets are currently creating the largest returns. We take it one step further by helping you create your financing request application to get you any additional funds you’ll need to execute your growth plan. And since we’re real estate specialists – we’ll execute the purchase and sales deals for you too. If there is construction involved, we will assist you in your take out financing as well.


Our team of highly-connected and experienced realtors diligently scour the GTA and surrounding areas in search of unique and suitable locations for your business. In addition to finding a location, we take it one step further with the in-house ability to draw up space plans, talking through seating capacities and work flows so you don’t commit to a space that doesn’t ultimately work. While we review and negotiate your lease for you, our team works diligently to put a design plan in place while working with the architects and engineers to get your permit drawings prepared and permit application approved with seamless execution. With decades of experience in legal, lease auditing, and finance, we do everything we can to ensure you and your company are protected before anything is signed.

Selling Your Property?

One of the first questions we ask when it comes to selling your property is: “Do you really have to?” Most people laugh at first, because if a seller wants to sell, why would a broker ask this question! Well, before you decide to sell you should understand how to reposition your property and re-finance it rather than selling the property. It is possible to get MORE capital out of your building then selling and paying taxes so before we agree to sell, we ask that you agree to take at a look at all of the reasons why you shouldn’t sell, and then decide. The reason being: commercial real estate is an asset class that is highly desirable and provides reliable passive income for many years on end. We make it our duty to ensure the ends justify the means when it comes to selling your property – and that your deal is worth more than just a short-term gain. In certain areas we recommend to never sell and we’d be happy to explain more Contact us if you are a building owner and trying to make that decision.

Design & Construction

Cubecom Project Management helps you bring your plans to life. We draw defined plans of your space according to your business requirements. Every detail and finishing – from floor to ceiling, Internet to couch to coffee machine, matter. From an investment point of view, we can work with you to add apartments by expanding your building or even within the current building envelope. We can show you how to make small changes within your building that will have a large impact on your property in terms of its’ attractiveness from a leasing or sale point of view. Technical drawings are reviewed with our architect before moving forward. Then our Project Manager takes over to build and furnish the insides of your workspace. Boardrooms, offices, kitchens, common areas – all come into realization. Our top priorities in this moment are precise details, completing the project on budget & on time, and ensuring the finalized space is entirely up to your standards.

Ongoing Support

We value every single relationship we have with our clients. To prove it, we offer ongoing support - no matter what your real estate needs are. We are a team comprised of genuinely helpful people with expansive networks, and we succeed by assisting all of our clients from start to finish, and beyond.