Find The Location

First, our team of highly-connected and experienced realtors diligently scour the GTA in search of unique and suitable locations for your business. After touring several potential spaces and narrowing down the choices, we review and negotiate your lease for you. With decades of experience in legal, lease auditing, and business finance, we do everything we can to ensure you and your company are protected before anything is signed.


Design your space

Our services don’t stop there. The next order of business: We send in our meticulous Design team to help you envision your workspace goal. Then, we draw defined plans of your space according to your business requirements. Every detail and finishing – from floor to ceiling, Internet to couch to coffee machine, matter. All technical drawings are reviewed with our architect before moving forward.


Build it out

Bringing your plans to life. With our sister company, Cubecom Project Management, we completely build and furnish the insides of your workspace. Boardrooms, offices, kitchens, common areas – all come into realization. Our top priorities in this moment are precise details, completing the project on budget & on time, and ensuring the finalized space is entirely up to your standards.


Furnish Your Space

We know how demanding it is to coordinate and assemble all of your office furniture. With Cubecom’s Office-In-A-Box, we help select furnishings and have them assembled in your office. We’ll even schedule the delivery with the landlord to ensure that your workspace is turnkey ready on day one, for your team.


Ongoing Support

We value every single relationship we have with our clients. To prove it, we offer ongoing maintenance and support - no matter what your workspace may need. We are a team comprised of genuinely helpful people with expansive networks, and we succeed by assisting all of our clients from start to finish, and beyond.