You will be tasked with growing our customer base by generating leads, counseling clients on market conditions, and developing competitive market prices. You will also be in charge of creating lists of real estate properties and presenting purchase offers to sellers. To be successful in this role, you will need to be in good standing with the local Realtor board and have good experience with sales.


Construction Project Coordinator

We are hiring an effective, detail-oriented, hard-working, tough-nosed Project Coordinator who is able to effectively monitor and manage all aspects of construction projects.  

The ideal candidate will have the proven ability to get things done on-time and on-budget.   

Cubecom Project Management is a Division of Cubecom Commercial Realty and is part of a broader array of real estate agents, designers, accountants marketers and administrators – we are a family.



In this important role, you will contribute to the company’s success through your role of “Financial Analyst (as Catalyst)” requiring a unique blended skill set that combines unmatched objective analysis with big-picture-thinking and creativity. The ideal candidate will be excited to grow with the company and pivoting priorities is exciting to them. In this role you will be required to perform real estate investment analysis, investor pro-forma projections, budgeting and overall corporate financial analysis.