Good Shepherd Centre

Acts of kindness can be as simple as shopping locally, bringing much needed items to the elderly, or donating food to first responders or the less fortunate. To start the year off right, we made a $500 donation to the Good Shepherd Centre. An organization that provides fresh, hot meals to the homeless daily. If we all contribute to organizations like these – no matter the size of the donation, we can help make all the difference during challenging times. 


Rebuilding a home

Our health, friends, having a job, and a place to call home with food in our fridge to feed our family are basic fulfilments that we often take for granted. With this in mind, when we heard of a carpenter who couldn’t afford to rebuild his own home, we wanted to contribute in any way that we could. Cubecom made a small donation of 10% of the funds needed to help rebuild this man’s home. With government subsidies, other donations, and help from the community, a wooden shack was transformed into a brick house. In the end, the power of small contributions made all the difference for this family of four.


Black Lives Matter $100K Pledge

The 100kPledge is a public social contract and tracker for professionals and organizations committing to Black communities' economic empowerment through hiring, investment, and donations. Recording commitments over $100,000 made publicly and through the 100kPledge to encourage accountability across the board. By 2030, Cubecom will have made a $100K+ initiative towards economic empowerment of Black communities through investments and career opportunities.


TakeOver Innovation Conference

TakeOver is TribalScale’s international conference that unpacks and addresses some of the biggest questions in the tech and innovation space. Being one of TakeOver's biggest sponsors, we look forward to more actionable insights, hands-on experiences, and frank discussions. With a curated audience and speakers panel, TakeOver is the place to meet and network with executives and technologists from the world’s biggest brands.


Curlers Care

Curlers Care is a fantastic organization that we've sponsored over the past couple of years. It's an opportunity for curlers from across Canada to show their respect, honour, and gratitude, to men and women in the Canadian Armed Forces by hosting a Curlers Care 2-4 Support Our Troops Bonspiel. Here's one of our jerseys from last year, worn by Sam Mooibroek. He did us proud! 


Million Dollar Smiles

On the weekend, we sponsored an incredible, humbling event with Million Dollar Smiles NFP to build three beautiful little children a playground of their own. Special thanks to Cure SPG50, SociaLIGHT Conference and all of the wonderful helping hands in constructing this beauty, for the bravest hero of us all, Michael. We hope this playground brings you a little bit more joy every day.


I can we can

Even though poor financial literacy affects all Canadians, Millennials are the most impacted. According to a recent study by PwC, only 24% of Millennials demonstrated a basic level of financial knowledge, while a mere 8% demonstrated high level. As a result of this gap in knowledge, Millennials are struggling to manage their finances, with almost 30% of Millennials overdrawing on their chequing accounts. Cubecom has continuously helped to sponsor I Can We Can. A Toronto-based charity working in affiliation with Mansha Financial, that provides financial literacy to students and young adults through workshops and scholarship programs so that they can become well-equipped to make sound fiscal decisions on their own.


SociaLight Conference

Cubecom is a Platinum sponsor at the annual SociaLIGHT Conference, which brings together and connects over 1000 entrepreneurs, start-ups, brands, government, influencers, business and community leaders to inspire action and innovation for positive global impact. The word "LIGHT" is an acronym for Leaders Impacting Global Humanity Today. These people embody the essence of the triple bottom line “People. Planet. Prosperity.”


Singithi Sevana Children’s Home

This is one of the orphanages that Cubecom has worked with. "Singithi Sevana" means Children´s Rest. It is a state registered Children´s Home in Kandy, Sri Lanka which provides residential care for 2-12 year old orphaned and needy children in the Central Province. Singithi Sevana is managed by a small society named "Mahanuwara Lamarakshaka Bauddha Samithiya", the Kandy Child Protection Buddhist Society.


Million Dollar Smiles

On Sunday, we built a playground for a 2.5 year old boy who was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition. Through Million Dollar Smiles, we doubled our goal and raised $6,000 before the event and rounded up 25 volunteers to help build the playground.


Children's Aid Foundation

In the spirit of giving, we delivered a big cheque to a foundation near and dear to our hearts. We continue to work with the Children's Aid Foundation of Canada, who help bring smiles to those who need it most.