Downtown Core

146 Yonge Street

Cannabis Retail Location

This is one of our latest full service clients. From lease, to design & construction, Cubecom is working to bring this space to life. Our interior designer worked closely with the City Cannabis team to make sure the interior designs were in line with their brand elements. The space features City Cannabis' signature pneumatic tubes, along with a beautiful "flower shop" design in the back. Here are the renders that were produced by our design team prior to construction, and will act as 3D blueprints for our construction team.

3D Models

After floor plans and design elements are decided, a 3D model is created to emulate all design decisions in a comprehensive 3D visual. We are able to zoom in and out of all of the different rooms and look at the suite at different angles to really finalize all of the details.

3D Sketches

Line drawing and sketches are created to give a better of how the space will look with the selected finishes. Our design team works closely with the client to ensure that all branding elements are incorporated from the start.

Under Construction Signage

Cubecom procured the under construction signage for this project as well. Taking advantage of the ample window frontage, we used the windows to promote the up and coming retail store.