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Dentist purchases building

This dentist was renting for almost 20 years and had attempted to purchase the building from the landlord multiple times with no success, but when Cubecom was engaged that all changed. 

Educating the seller

Every owner has their own challenges and structuring a deal must make sense for both sides. We often find that sellers are not aware of all of their options which was the case here. Cubecom took the time to shed light on the seller’s options and the outcome was that both sides came out ahead after years of unsuccessful negotiations.


Financing can be straight forward, or it can be very complex and Cubecomhelped design a financing package that provided all the info required to getfinancing alternatives ready to go.

Executing the transaction

Due diligence included phase 1 and phase 2 environmental testing as well as valuation reports, insurance analysis and feature planning assessments. Cubecom managed the due diligence process the whole way though to ensure the dentist could focus on his practice.