2 Bloor Street West

A Growing Tech Company

With a fresh new office in the heart of Yorkville, Toronto, this office space needed a space plan that would be able to reconfigure and grow with the company. Cubecom Full Service Realty leased, space planned and furnished this space with expansion in mind. Using the most cost effective furniture, our space planner designed the floorplan around the electrical standing desks that proved to be the most important feature. The space was brought to life when our client chose to bring in lots of plants to add a layer of warmth to the workspace. 

Acrylic Signage

Our designer translated Solactive's logo to modern, cost-effective flash mounted letters that pop off of the wall. This is a clean way to brand the space that also matches the head office in Germany. Colour matching and details are the top of our concern when ever dealing with signage because it can make all the difference!

Designing for Workplace Wellness

Companies that invest in creating a workspace that focuses on employee wellness, tend to reap the benefits in a more productive and happier team. With employees spending most of their day indoors, it's important to introduce elements of nature, and opportunities for movement. Our designer chose to include electrical desks that give people the option to adjust their body posture as they work.

A Mostly-Open Floor plan

A straight forward plan built around existing electrical infrastructure, with the intention for growth without continuous construction. This is a highly efficient floor plan that is carried out beautifully by default, because of the stunning space.